We are a small and young company that provides professional software services and consultancy for Telecommunication Software Projects. We are interested to bring our vast expertise of software development, testing and deployment into the successful fulfillment of your Company outgoing projects.

Our highly skilled and dedicated engineers and, our very well defined processes enable us to work with companies from all over the world. Based on the success of previous and existent projects, I can say that we are an adaptable, flexible, and open team of engineers that we can meet your demands and exceed your requirements, overcoming geographical and cultural differences.

Each team member of our group has an outstanding experience of around 10 years in the telecommunication and software development fields. This makes us a very dynamic team being able to develop good products and to successfully install them on site or remotely.

Our team worked together for many years. They have fully developed and then, deployed Value Added Services projects for GSM mobile operators in Jordan and Sri Lanka. Further turn-key projects have been completed for customers from United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Romania.

A brief history of the company

Most of the Infinity Trust current employees also worked for One5 Corporation and later on for Avalanche Mobile, a Romanian telecommunication company with offices in Middle East, Western Europe and US. When the main investor (an American venture capitalist company) decided to move its investments to other types of business the development team took over a part of the old company and joined Infinity Trust continuing to work together as a team. Since then, we developed projects for our clients while also working for our core projects. We intend to make in the new future one of our projects Open Source and by this to bring our own contribution to the open source community.

The early mission of Infinity Trust focused on the principles of organizing and analyzing large volume of data. The firm carefully managed project work to ensure growth without the need for venture capital or going public. The Infinity Trust projects included custom development for local companies, and assisting clients in processing and analysing large volume of data in a timely manner. From these early projects emerged concepts for processes and tools that could also be applied in other areas and environments.

Recently we also started offering web hosting solutions together with web development, maintainance and monitoring services. We are offering a wide varity of preinstalled and if required customized software solutions for eCommerce (Prestashop, Mangento, Opencart etc) blogging (WordPress) personal and business web sites (Joomla 1.5 and 2.5, Drupal etc), eLearning (Moodle), video sharing (Clipbucket), forum solutions (Advanced Electron Forums, phpBB, XMB, MyBB, Phorum), social networking solutions (Elgg, Dolphin, Jcow, Oxwall, Beatz etc), wiki (MediaWiki, DokuWiki , PhpWiki, PmWiki etc) photo albums (Coppermine, TinyWebGallery, Gallery, LinPHA etc) as well as custom website development based on the requirement and needs of our customers.

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